Holy Brewed BeerTM

“It is common practice for commercial brewers to ferment their beers for around five days, but Kestrel Lager Beer is produced according to the traditional Holy Brewing Method. This is a seven-day cycle of fermentation, a process that includes one Sabbath, traditionally set aside as a day of rest.”

- Alastair Gilmour, one of Britain's foremost beer writers (named 'Writer of the Year' by the British Guild of Beer Writers on 4 occasions and winner of 2 prestigious Glenfiddich Food & Drink Awards).

One of the main reasons Nigel was so intrigued by the Kestrel brand was the fact that the recipe has historically been used by a famous Belgian beer. Beer aficionados know that this is the sign of an excellent brew as the Belgians are world-renowned for their distinctive, full-bodied and flavoursome beers, many of which originate from the centuries-old tradition of monastic brewing. The Kestrel Mother Brew (currently our 9% Super Premium Lager) is a highly regarded, award-winning lager beer which is brewed to the highest standards.

Along with water from a natural source, the finest selected Zeus and Summit hops are combined with a very generous amount of malt (crushed not ground) and then fermented for a full 7 days, including the Sabbath, in a process known as the Holy Brewing Method. Our Master Brewer insists on fermenting these superb ingredients for this guaranteed period of time to deliver the tempting aroma, golden colour and rich, complex flavour that Kestrel drinkers have come to love.

We also insist that our beer is produced in this way, as achieving the depth of flavour and consistent high quality that Kestrel has become famous for cannot be rushed and we are committed to these high standards for all of our range.