Kestrel Premium Lager Beer

Our flagship variant, Kestrel Premium 5% Lager Beer is available in a 500ml can. With its fresh, contemporary and proudly-Scottish design, this attractive outer is matched by a truly excellent brew within, which we are confident will soon become a firm British favourite with those who prefer a true, full-bodied 5% lager beer. Now proudly sporting a silver medal from the globally recognised Monde Selection - International Institute for Quality Selections.

Such is the interplay of sensations and the classic rounded profile, this could have been born and raised in Belgium where connoisseurs regard this style highly - and deservedly so.

Appearance: Soft gold yet hypnotically vibrant with a gently effervescent white head.

Aroma: Deep and ripe fruit nose complements a spiced sourness.

Flavour: Mature citrus with hints of seasoned grain while a gradual unwrapping of sweet vanilla toffee reveals a spirit-like structure with some roasted root vegetable undertones and a definite malted grip.

Mouthfeel and finish: Beautifully constructed with a herbal sweetness that by no means overwhelms the palate.