"Beer drinkers can toast an old favourite when Kestrel Pilsner goes back on sale after an absence of a decade... its new owner has updated the look and taste"

The Mirror, Oct 2013

"Kestrel bites back: Lager relaunched with a serious twist"

Herald Scotland, June 2014

"Previously only available in can format, the bottles will share the same family characteristics of premium quality while offering a superb taste experience"

The Food & Drink Innovation Network

"Kestrel brews using local Scottish barley and water from a local natural source, making Kestrel a British lager

The Food & Drink Innovation Network, April 2014

"Craft has certainly entered the mainstream with the revival of the Kestrel lager brand."

The Publicans Morning Advertiser

A lager with its roots in this country (Roger Protz)

Roger Protz is an award winning beer critic and member of the British Guild of Beer Writers.

"I have road tested your beer - it's lovely, really smooth on the taste best lager I've had all year"

Anonymous consumer

"Having tried it, I would highly recommend it so go and buy some, it's great."

Anonymous consumer

Voted in 'The Grape & The Grain - 10 of the best Scottish lagers'

"In a blind tasting, you could be forgiven for thinking the flagship Kestrel premium lager came from Europe, with a rounded mouthfeel and some caramel notes mixed in with the bright lemon flavours"

Scottish Field Magazine

"Craft lager with Scots credentials... all the barley used in the recipe originates from local farms and the water is sourced from Loch Katrine. This gives a consistency of beer quality every time and also contributes to the economy of the local community."

Scottish Daily Mail

"I normally only drink the premium beers from Europe like Kronenbourg, Stella, Estrella, Peroni, but I will buy this beer I find it clean tasting, refreshing and tasty. I could drink this beer on a warm summer evening or a cold Christmas eve, well done Kestrel."

Anonymous consumer

"We enjoy the taste of Kestrel Super. It is very well produced, very smooth and very palatable. Other brands rush through the brewing process. You can tell time and effort is put into producing Kestrel Super."

Mr and Mrs Haigh, Carlisle

"So excited about having the classic Pilsner back in my life. So many good memories of Kestrel from the early 90's"

Nick, Buckinghamshire