Born in Scotland and crafted using the Holy Brewing Method.

Welcome to the Kestrel family: a distinguished collection of premium lager beers steeped in the rich brewing traditions of Scotland. Our line up features a variety of lagers, including beloved classics cherished by previous generations.


Kestrel proudly offers a selection of award winning beers, distinguished by a meticulous brewing process that exceeds the industry standard in both duration and quality. This intensive approach, which involves carefully traceable ingredients, yields beers with rich, complex flavours and a sublime taste experience.

The Flying Kestrel

A land-speed record-breaking 1935 Riley Kestrel 9.

Kestrel Beer have transformed a neglected Riley Kestrel, into a record-breaking machine which is sporting a 2.5 litre TFSI, 5-cylinder, turbocharged, Audi RS3 engine and 900bhp.

The Flying Kestrel was originally stored in pieces, in a barn since 1965. One of the main challenges faced during this renovation, was to ensure the car closely resembled the original Riley Kestrel 9, whilst simultaneously ensuring the car reaches record-breaking speeds. The Flying Kestrel achieved 7 land-speed records at Elvington Racetrack in June 2021.


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