“Craft lager with Scots credentials… all the barley used in the recipe originates from local farms and the water is sourced from Loch Katrine. This gives a consistency of beer quality every time and also contributes to the economy of the local community.”

Scottish Daily Mail

“Kestrel bites back: Lager relaunched with a serious twist.”

Herald Scotland

“Kestrel brews using local Scottish barley and water from a local natural source, making Kestrel a British lager”

The Food & Drink Innovation Network

We are hugely grateful for the ongoing support we receive from Brookfield Drinks. Being able to serve Kestrel lager at some of our events really adds to the messaging we promote about wildlife friendly food production

Mike Clarke Former RSPB CEO

Voted in ‘The Grape & The Grain – 10 of the best Scottish lagers’

“In a blind tasting, you could be forgiven for thinking the flagship Kestrel premium lager came from Europe, with a rounded mouthfeel and some caramel notes mixed in with the bright lemon flavours”

Scottish Field

“Beer drinkers can toast an old favourite when Kestrel Pilsner goes back on sale after an absence of a decade… its new owner has updated the look and taste”

The Mirror

“Craft has certainly entered the mainstream with the revival of the Kestrel lager brand.”

The Publicans Morning Advertiser

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