The Kestrel Story

Kestrel lager was a hugely popular and successful brand in the 1980s and 1990s when it was supported with much-enjoyed advertising campaigns featuring the comedians and actors Hugh Laurie and Russ Abbot. Having maintained a loyal following in subsequent years, in 2012 its quality and potential were recognised by Nigel McNally, who decided to take the bold step of purchasing the Kestrel lager beer brand and setting up the Kestrel Brewing Company in order to nurture and develop it.

Under the dedicated stewardship of Nigel McNally, the Kestrel brand has grown from strength to strength, now proudly standing as one of the UK’s top selling independently owned lager brands. This achievement reflects not only a commitment to quality and tradition but also Kestrel’s ability to resonate with and satisfy the discerning tastes of modern consumers.  

This historic area of Glasgow is strongly associated with the city’s patron saint, St Mungo, a 6th Century Christian missionary who is celebrated for establishing and expanding the city during this period. Four miracles he performed in his lifetime are incorporated into Glasgow’s coat of arms.

The Kestrel brand is very proud of its Scottish heritage which is bound up with the history of the brewery and its surroundings. Kestrel lager is meticulously crafted using the renowned Holy Brewing Method, a technique steeped in the centuries-old Scottish brewing traditions.

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