Kestrel Extra Premium Lager Beer 

This new 7% variant complements our existing range offering our drinkers a mid-point, higher strength, premium, crafted product.

‘Higher abv’s are often associated with premium products and Kestrel is no exception. The brewing process is inspired by traditional monastic brewing, whereby alcohol strength used to be far higher than it is today; with the ideal brew strength being between 8 and 12% abv. We have harnessed a traditional brewing method which allows us to craft a full-bodied and intense drinking experience and our Master Brewer insists on this method of production to deliver the outstanding lager that our drinkers have become accustomed to.’

Nigel McNally
Managing Director, Brookfield Drinks Ltd

Kestrel Extra Premium Lager has been launched in sustainable packaging, which is 100% recyclable thus decreasing landfill waste.


Tasting Notes 

Appearance: Vibrant yellow gold and evanescent white foam are pleasing on the eye.

 Aroma: A fragrant fruit freshness and feisty spirit nose.

Flavour: Warm swirls of sweet oak and grain combine with moreish flavours of toffee and subtle citrus undertones. Intense lashings of rich roast malt are layered with highly spirited, spiced floral red fruit character.  

Mouthfeel and finish: Eloquently complex and a succulently rich palate with surprising depth.

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