Kestrel Premium Lager,
8 x 500ml Cans


An award-winning lager, born in Scotland and crafted using the Holy Brewing Method. It is common practice for commercial brewers to ferment their beers for around five days, but Kestrel Lager Beer is produced according to the traditional Holy Brewing Method. Inspired by traditional monastic brewing; this is a seven-day cycle of fermentation, a process that includes one Sabbath, traditionally set aside as a day of rest. Crafted using water from a nearby natural source and Scottish barley.



8x500ml – £2.13 per can equivalent.

A refreshing classic lager, only lightly carbonated for an easy-drinking and sessionable drinking experience. Crafted in Scotland with a heap of integrity.

  • STYLE: Lager
  • ABV: 4.6%
  • HOPS: Herkules, Zeus & Summit
  • MALT: Perle (crushed for fuller flavour!)
  • Vegan Friendly

Contains: Barley


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